Zada Restaurant

The Zada restaurant cooks up a contemporary Ottoman culinary experience.
The cuisine revolves around the traditional meals cooked for the Sultans of the Ottoman empire, layered with touches of authentic, personal, and local influences. Bitton’s starting point is working with sustainable local ingredients which he refines into subtle flavors that have been adapted for the Israeli palate.
Zada, named after the master of spirit, offers a cuisine based on fish, seafood, local vegetables and fine meats authentic to the Ottoman kitchen.
We showcase a number of signature dishes that were reserved for the table of the Grand Sultan, stuffed vegetables re-interpreted, unexpected kebab dishes, and pastries from the Orient.
The presentation is equally important, the regal dishes are presented in special ceramic cookware served from the oven to the table.
The Zada offers a unique ambiance of old world opulence combined with a lively atmosphere aimed to provide an unforgettable experience.


Enjoy our deductible The Drisco Breakfast including Fresh, healthy, epicurean dishes, fruit and vegetable juices, gourmet teas and coffees, and an entrée from our delightful original a la carte choices.

Classic‭ ‬French‭ ‬Omelette‭ ‬

Egg whites Omelette
Add: Fresh herbs, Caramelized onions, Feta cheese, fresh Mozzarella,
Cactus, Chili peppers

Poached egg on top of a ragout of fresh tomatoes, chili pepper, garlic,
and cilantro 

Mushrooms ragout with Turkish spinach, feta cheese, topped with fried egg

Crispy brioche, home cured salmon, wild herbs, poached egg, topped
with capers remoulade

Crispy brioche, rump steak, fresh cilantro, fried egg, mustard remoulade

Homemade Turkish yogurt, spinach, cucumber salad topped with poached egg.

A pile of black pancakes topped with mixed berries and honey

Butter crisped brioche, rosebuds confiture, sour cream

NIS 129


Turkish bread, yogurt dip, spicy cucumber dip   18 

Young lettuce, roquette, hearbs, celery, cucumber granita, lime, cashew   48

Gözleme filled with beet leaves, mint, lemon and Tulum cheese   56

Lamb and mint Manti, yogurt and coriander mousse and fresh green vegetables   52

Calamari filled with shrimp, tomato bulgur, and herbs on top of shrimp and carrot bisque and crunchy zucchini   66

Squid with sumac and lime infused butter. Sorrel leaves, baby spinach, red onion
and fennel over grilled turkish bread   62

Vegan casserole, zucchini and lentils kebab, cream of eggplants, tomatoes, herbs and almonds   88

Mediterranean sea bass, cauliflower in Baharat and yogurt, black cabbage with
tomato and peppers bulgur   109

Drum fish, cognac ratte, dates butter, asparagus in lime and garlic crust, lemon yogurt   129

Lamb kebab over eggplants béchamel, fire roasted tomatoes, ratte and coriander mousse topped with haloumi cheese   105   

Slow roasting lamb in a clay casserole, beet leaves, sorrel leaves and lemon,
potatoes gnocchi and Baharat spice   110

Veal fillet 200 grams, roasted peppers, bazil, pistachios in sea salt, crispy rice,
almond cream and wine sauce   138

 Yogurt and rosebuds mousse on crispy pistachio   44

Malabi ice cream with coconut, pistachio and rasberry   44

Turkish coffee and cardamon mousse with salty chocolate crumble   44

Warm stolac with yogurt ice cream and coriander seeds   44


All prices are in NIS (New Israeli Shekel)


Opening hours:

Sun.-Thur. 07:30 to 11:00
Fri. – Sat. 07:30 to 13:00

Dinner at Zada Chef Restaurant:
Mon.-Sat. 19:00 to 23:00